Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Brand New Year And The Brand New TRibe

Happy New Year! 2010 has gone and here comes the brand new 2011. As the year number change, we have enter a new era. The changes of the year number are definite and it will change no matter what we do,  have done, will do or neglected to do. The reasonable and related question should be, have we as a human improved? We used the word improve previously because improve associates with better and shows the positive movement along the scale of changes whereas changes alone is obscure in nature. The idea is not to consecrate and misinterpret changes but to appreciate and dedicate ourselves to the grand architecture of improvement!

Improvement, innovationem, and human are superlatively very substantial in TRibe's environment. We hail improvement in every aspect of our production and human factors are the crucial factors in our decision making. We started this brand with the spirit of improving the life of a large group of people by offering them a merchandise that are exceptionally outstanding in terms of quality. Who else other than us can better understand the situations that they are undergoing? Smoking is a lifestyle. Nobody is willing to give up their lifestyle. Death is a sure thing, but to live in the moment itself worth every single death. We do not want to snatch anybody's lifestyle. What we are offering is an improvement of the recreational aspect of their lifestyle.

Improvisation that we recommend involves minimal sacrifice. Just switch from smoking to vaping. Later the old life and the new life will blend together naturally. There are nothing to be missed or longed. Nothing has been taken or been stopped as our TRibesmen and TRibeswomen  can still continue their old habit with no worry at all plus enjoying it in a safer and economical manner. Happy New Year! Choose life, choose your TRibe

p/s: an additional RM 4.50 increment will be applied to standard premium 20's pack this year. Choose your TRibe so that you do not have to choose this.

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