Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Indies...

A lot of orders rolling in since we announced our next flavor release in TRibe's facebook page. The retail price of 10ml nicotine is RM30.00. Fragaria, strawberry flavored nicotine juice remain the most demanded item. Hopefully Klang Valley's TRibesmen will receive their juice before Chinese New Year while TRibesmen from other parts of Malaysia will receive theirs not long after the celebration. TRibal Councils are trying their best to fulfill all orders within the promised time line.
Pardon my 11 days of quietude. A lot of  of sales planning needed to be done and I had to evaluate the potential  of all proposed sales venue. But today I am back again to share some thoughts with all you. During my booth spotting, I had been vaping most of  the time and the site I visited happened to be the glamour Suria KLCC, One Utama Shopping Complex, Sunway Pyramid and several other shopping spree attractions. I enjoyed the uneasy glare and the confused look of the crowd when  they saw me 'smoking' in the well understood non-smoking compound. Their skeptic mind blended with the vapor in the air. Suddenly I was a sinner around the goody two shoes. Vaping never been better.
Vaping culture is yet to be comprehended by the usual public. They have commemorated cigars, forgiven the smokers, or outlawed the marijuana but still they do not know what to do with the vapers. At the very moment the situation can be classified as misidentification or failure to differentiate between the act of smoking and vaping. Vaping by common perceptions still belong under the typical connotation, SMOKING. Thus explain the surprised expression shown by the public whenever you vape in the air-conditioned area.
Despite all of that, we have been receiving a hyper positive review on our product. People no matter smokers or non-smokers LOVE our handsome TRibe once they understood it's true function and how it's help to make this world a better world. Looks has the share in it. I would like to quote the lady by the fountain of KLCC garden who sent me floating on the cloud nine, "You appear bloody damn  cool, I can't resist myself from staring at you for the second time because I want to know what you were holding." Huhuhuhuhu. What else do i need? Choose life choose your TRibe.

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