Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Indies...

A lot of orders rolling in since we announced our next flavor release in TRibe's facebook page. The retail price of 10ml nicotine is RM30.00. Fragaria, strawberry flavored nicotine juice remain the most demanded item. Hopefully Klang Valley's TRibesmen will receive their juice before Chinese New Year while TRibesmen from other parts of Malaysia will receive theirs not long after the celebration. TRibal Councils are trying their best to fulfill all orders within the promised time line.
Pardon my 11 days of quietude. A lot of  of sales planning needed to be done and I had to evaluate the potential  of all proposed sales venue. But today I am back again to share some thoughts with all you. During my booth spotting, I had been vaping most of  the time and the site I visited happened to be the glamour Suria KLCC, One Utama Shopping Complex, Sunway Pyramid and several other shopping spree attractions. I enjoyed the uneasy glare and the confused look of the crowd when  they saw me 'smoking' in the well understood non-smoking compound. Their skeptic mind blended with the vapor in the air. Suddenly I was a sinner around the goody two shoes. Vaping never been better.
Vaping culture is yet to be comprehended by the usual public. They have commemorated cigars, forgiven the smokers, or outlawed the marijuana but still they do not know what to do with the vapers. At the very moment the situation can be classified as misidentification or failure to differentiate between the act of smoking and vaping. Vaping by common perceptions still belong under the typical connotation, SMOKING. Thus explain the surprised expression shown by the public whenever you vape in the air-conditioned area.
Despite all of that, we have been receiving a hyper positive review on our product. People no matter smokers or non-smokers LOVE our handsome TRibe once they understood it's true function and how it's help to make this world a better world. Looks has the share in it. I would like to quote the lady by the fountain of KLCC garden who sent me floating on the cloud nine, "You appear bloody damn  cool, I can't resist myself from staring at you for the second time because I want to know what you were holding." Huhuhuhuhu. What else do i need? Choose life choose your TRibe.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Juliana Evans

I was out of idea. Everything in motion seems artificial and those in stunt mode were non-organic. I needed a friend. And the only friend I had was TRibe. In fact TRibe personal vaporizer kit  was more than a living friend. Neither a 'he' nor a 'she' but reliable and loyal. A partner in my dealing. A supporter in my campaign. An accomplice of my dirty scheme. It even joined me in the lavatory (i bet most smokers had their cigarette in the toilet). To the contrary of the well known cigarette's effects, TRibe created the vapor without the four thousand egregiously hazardous toxic substances present in the lame cigarette.

So I reached for my TRibe and put it between my lips. Effortlessly, I sucked the vapor out with a minimal vacuum force, storing it accordingly in my oral's space. My TRibe hissed. Not a gesture of discontent but rather applauding my enjoyment. The glowing end shone clearly in the dark. I inhaled the 'menaura' sending it to the lungs and later joined the argument and the discussion in my head before releasing it along with my burden. As I recalled the bonding between TRibe and me, I came to realize that I was very comfortable with the silence between the two of us.

I smiled to my self. My numb mind function again. I faced the notebook of mine and started my composition  with "I was out of idea... " and ended it with the eminent tag line " Choose life choose your TRibe"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Depp Vape Too..

The Tourist is a 2010 thriller film directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. It is a remake of the 2005 French film Anthony Zimmer.

The scene was taken in a train, and you can see the non-smoking sign clearly above Depp's head. Lucky Depp, he vaped and the other half of the Brangelina appeared. I couldn't recognize the brand of the personal vaporizer he had but I am sure of one thing. The one that I have in my hand right now is the better brand, surpassing the quality of the electronic cigarette used in the film.

Damn, if only I can claim that my girl is better than Angelina Jolie than my life is complete. I hope in another two or three years Angie will be over matured and my girl ripe just well so that I can still manage to become 'complete' with a super-hot-second-to-none woman by my side and the best vaporizer in my finger grip.

So guys, the moral of the story is, do not become a dinosaur by smoking but evolve into a sophisticated eidolon by vaping. Support our public transportation by ditching your car and take LRT or monorail once in while. Vape in the train for sometimes the lady luck will just smiled and someone might see the Depp in you.

Choose your Angie, choose life choose your TRibe.

Aku dan Tembakau

"mr. bateri kamera AA" would like to share with us his side of the story...  Mr. bateri kamera AA is one of TRibe earliest member...

Bermula dari kehidupan ku berumur 10 tahun,aku sudah mengenali apa itu ROKOK. Aku sudah mula menghisap rokok secara curi-curi dan secara tidak lansung aku sudah mula belajar menipu kedua orang tua ku. Hari demi hari berlalu, dari sekolah rendah ke sekolah menengah terus sampai ke alam university aku tetap teruskan tabiat merokok aku walau pun dengan pastinya sumber kewangan aku berpunca dari mak dan ayah aku.

Kerana rasa keegoan dan tidak mahu ketinggalan untuk merasaai kemachoan menghisap rokok bersama kawan-kawan, aku teruskan tabiat itu sehingga sekarang umur ku mencecah 30 an, sudah pun beristeri dan dikurniakan 2 orang anak.

Pada tanggal 12 oktober 2010, aku mula berfikir tentang hidup ku bersama rakan baik ku ini…ya rokok. Pentadbiran kewangan keluarga aku tak pernah stabil mahu pun umur ku telah menjangkau 30 an. Aku habiskan duit aku paling tidak RM 450 sebulan. Dengan gaji ku yang tak seberapa ni, mana nak tanggung makan minum anak bini, mana nak beli peralatan anak-anak aku, susu, pempers, nestum…… nak bershoping jauh sekali, cukup sekadar beli barangan keperluan je.

Nampak macam senang, berabih duit dengan rokok, cukup bulan gaji masuk lagi. Hidup seperti biasa, belum sempat hujung bulan duit dah habis tapi rokok tak pernah putus. Kesihatan anak dan bahayanya mereka bila aku hisap rokok dalam rumah tak pernah diambil peduli hinggakan anak sulung aku dah kena asma. Hal lagi tu,nak kena berubat bagai. Duit juga. Kesihatan diri tak perlu la nak difikirkan kalau dah kesihatan anak bini tak dipeduli lagi.
illustration only

Keadaan menjadi semakin tak terkawal. Pergaduhan kecil selalu terjadi dek akibat rokok ni. Isteri aku selalu marah-marah sebab aku tak dengar cakap, terus jugak dengan sikap aku yang suka merokok
tak kira tempat.

Apa yang membuat aku lagi terpikir untuk memikirkan semula hubungan aku dengan kawan baik aku ni bila hubungan aku dengan isteri dah mula dingin. Tiap kali aku cuba mendekati dia, selalu menjadi pertengkaran kerana bau rokok. Untuk duduk bersama tengok TV pun dah tak boleh, berpelukan, tidur dengan dia, untuk bersama dengan dia jangan bermimpi la…semua kerana rokok.

Setiap kali aku beli rokok, anak aku akan cakap “ayah, jangan la isap rokok, nanti ayah jadi macam ni…” dia tunjukkan gambar yang terhias indah pada kotak rokok tu. Ada gambar gangren, ada gambar anak mati tak cukup bulan, ada gambar paru-paru hitam, ada gambar leher berlubang…macam-macam…geli pun ada bila difikirkan semula. Aku mula berfikir. Dengan ekonomi keluarga aku yang masih terumbang ambing ni, dengan kesihatan anak aku yang sedang mengidap asma, dengan keadaan perhubungan aku dan isteriku, aku rasa rokok lebih banyak memberi kesan negative pada aku berbanding yang positif. Akhirnya, pada tanggal 12 Oktober 2010, aku telah mengambil keputusan untuk berpisah dengan kawan karib aku ni. Hinggan kehari ni ini, aku sudah tidak menghisap rokok lagi. Rumah aku dah jadi bersih, takde lagi bau rokok,abu rokok malah tempat buang abu rokok pun dah takde.

Anak aku dah kembali ceria. Alhamdulillah anak yang kedua ni takde kesan-kesan asma yang datang. Hubungan isteri dengan aku pun dah kembali macam biasa. Nikmat sebenarnya kalau kita dapat sentiasa bersentuhan dengan isteri ni. Makan bersama, tengok TV bersama, tidur bersama…..indah sungguh….

So…slamat tinggal kawan karib ku. Demi masa depan keluarga tersayang, aku takkan lagi bersahabat dengan mu……..Selamat tinggal ROKOK. Selamat datang TRibe.. Selamat datang kehidupan

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Vaping TRibesmen

We smoke,
Breathe it Smokes the Air,
Breathe it Nicotine,
Breathe it in your hair,
Inhale it as you Breathe,
we Breathing the Pollution,
We Breathing the Fumes,
We Breathing the Illusion,
more Vapors after,
We Gasping for Air,
as we suffocates in hell,
with poisons we share and the dusk to inhale,
Feel it in your Lungs,
In and Out it Come,
Inhale it as you Live,
Exhale it as you DIE - TRIBE
Eugene, nelson : sometime.. not long ago

Opss Sorry, No Smoking Please

Above is a photo of  a restaurant in a shopping complex in Subang Jaya. Its is a non smoking and fully air-conditioned area. I missed the lunch time, photo was taken around 3 p.m on Friday January 7th 2011

The photo above captured another spot in the same shopping complex. They provided the ash tray so i assume it is a smoking area. Their table was occupied all the time. So, can we create a conclusion statement now?

Friday, January 7, 2011

What They Say....

In a study published in May 2010 by the peer-reviewed journal BioMed Central, researcher Jean-Fran├žois Etter of the University of Geneva discovered that 79% of e-cigarette users surveyed reported that e-cigarettes helped them quit or reduce cigarette smoking “a lot.” Over a third of the comments were highly enthusiastic, “brilliant” (6 times), “miracle product”, “unbelievable”, “very satisfied.”

“Although e-cigarettes are mainly marketed to current smokers either for enjoyment or for use in smoke-free places, our results suggest that most people who buy these products are current and former smokers who use e-cigarettes to help quit smoking,” stated Etter.

In a survey of 81 participants, who had used electronic cigarettes for over 3 months, researchers found that among the most positive features of e-cigarettes were the taste and variety of flavors, the similarity to the act of Marlboro or other tobacco smoking, and the pleasure of inhalation and exhalation of the vapor. Other positive features mentioned included lack of coughing and sore throats, cleaner and fresher breath, absence of odors in clothing and hair.

An electronic cigarette, or “e-cigarette,” like TRibe is a battery operated portable vaporizer, which vaporizes a small amount of flavored nicotine solution, giving the user a similar experience to smoking a tobacco cigarette, but without the tar, carbon monoxide, and over 4,000 known harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke.
TRibe comes in over 100 flavors, and is highly reputed for the quality of our flavors and throat hit, answering the e-cigarette user’s most important demands.

TRibe is specially formulated to produce more vapors, stronger and more vivid flavors, and a more smoking like “throat hit” than any other e-cigarette on the market.Whether you choose to use electronic cigarettes for enjoyment, for convenience, or to reduce your tobacco consumption, TRibe will deliver the taste, vapor, and pleasure that will help you succeed. TRibe is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. It simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

Choose Life Choose Your Tribe

Monday, January 3, 2011

The First 100 Promo Campaign

The First 100 Promo Campaign began in the middle of December 2010 and it marked the entry of our brand into the Malaysian market. The 100 units of  TRibe Black Edition are packed in a humble but practical packaging, and priced at RM250.00 each. To the date, 77 units have been sold.

Tribe Black Edition

Grab the chance to become the first hundred TRibesmen and TRibeswomen. For product enquiry or vaping testing appointment kindly email to us or call 017-2734541/ 016-3948435.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Brand New Year And The Brand New TRibe

Happy New Year! 2010 has gone and here comes the brand new 2011. As the year number change, we have enter a new era. The changes of the year number are definite and it will change no matter what we do,  have done, will do or neglected to do. The reasonable and related question should be, have we as a human improved? We used the word improve previously because improve associates with better and shows the positive movement along the scale of changes whereas changes alone is obscure in nature. The idea is not to consecrate and misinterpret changes but to appreciate and dedicate ourselves to the grand architecture of improvement!

Improvement, innovationem, and human are superlatively very substantial in TRibe's environment. We hail improvement in every aspect of our production and human factors are the crucial factors in our decision making. We started this brand with the spirit of improving the life of a large group of people by offering them a merchandise that are exceptionally outstanding in terms of quality. Who else other than us can better understand the situations that they are undergoing? Smoking is a lifestyle. Nobody is willing to give up their lifestyle. Death is a sure thing, but to live in the moment itself worth every single death. We do not want to snatch anybody's lifestyle. What we are offering is an improvement of the recreational aspect of their lifestyle.

Improvisation that we recommend involves minimal sacrifice. Just switch from smoking to vaping. Later the old life and the new life will blend together naturally. There are nothing to be missed or longed. Nothing has been taken or been stopped as our TRibesmen and TRibeswomen  can still continue their old habit with no worry at all plus enjoying it in a safer and economical manner. Happy New Year! Choose life, choose your TRibe

p/s: an additional RM 4.50 increment will be applied to standard premium 20's pack this year. Choose your TRibe so that you do not have to choose this.