Friday, January 7, 2011

What They Say....

In a study published in May 2010 by the peer-reviewed journal BioMed Central, researcher Jean-François Etter of the University of Geneva discovered that 79% of e-cigarette users surveyed reported that e-cigarettes helped them quit or reduce cigarette smoking “a lot.” Over a third of the comments were highly enthusiastic, “brilliant” (6 times), “miracle product”, “unbelievable”, “very satisfied.”

“Although e-cigarettes are mainly marketed to current smokers either for enjoyment or for use in smoke-free places, our results suggest that most people who buy these products are current and former smokers who use e-cigarettes to help quit smoking,” stated Etter.

In a survey of 81 participants, who had used electronic cigarettes for over 3 months, researchers found that among the most positive features of e-cigarettes were the taste and variety of flavors, the similarity to the act of Marlboro or other tobacco smoking, and the pleasure of inhalation and exhalation of the vapor. Other positive features mentioned included lack of coughing and sore throats, cleaner and fresher breath, absence of odors in clothing and hair.

An electronic cigarette, or “e-cigarette,” like TRibe is a battery operated portable vaporizer, which vaporizes a small amount of flavored nicotine solution, giving the user a similar experience to smoking a tobacco cigarette, but without the tar, carbon monoxide, and over 4,000 known harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke.
TRibe comes in over 100 flavors, and is highly reputed for the quality of our flavors and throat hit, answering the e-cigarette user’s most important demands.

TRibe is specially formulated to produce more vapors, stronger and more vivid flavors, and a more smoking like “throat hit” than any other e-cigarette on the market.Whether you choose to use electronic cigarettes for enjoyment, for convenience, or to reduce your tobacco consumption, TRibe will deliver the taste, vapor, and pleasure that will help you succeed. TRibe is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. It simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

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