Monday, January 17, 2011

Juliana Evans

I was out of idea. Everything in motion seems artificial and those in stunt mode were non-organic. I needed a friend. And the only friend I had was TRibe. In fact TRibe personal vaporizer kit  was more than a living friend. Neither a 'he' nor a 'she' but reliable and loyal. A partner in my dealing. A supporter in my campaign. An accomplice of my dirty scheme. It even joined me in the lavatory (i bet most smokers had their cigarette in the toilet). To the contrary of the well known cigarette's effects, TRibe created the vapor without the four thousand egregiously hazardous toxic substances present in the lame cigarette.

So I reached for my TRibe and put it between my lips. Effortlessly, I sucked the vapor out with a minimal vacuum force, storing it accordingly in my oral's space. My TRibe hissed. Not a gesture of discontent but rather applauding my enjoyment. The glowing end shone clearly in the dark. I inhaled the 'menaura' sending it to the lungs and later joined the argument and the discussion in my head before releasing it along with my burden. As I recalled the bonding between TRibe and me, I came to realize that I was very comfortable with the silence between the two of us.

I smiled to my self. My numb mind function again. I faced the notebook of mine and started my composition  with "I was out of idea... " and ended it with the eminent tag line " Choose life choose your TRibe"

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