Friday, December 31, 2010

I quit smoking

Yes. It is true.I quit smoking. I smoked for the first time at the age of 14 and by 19, I was already an active smoker. I received spanking from my father while I was 15(caught with a carton of Salem) and been advised 'to pursue my study elsewhere' by the vice principal of student affairs a year later(due to possessions of 2 cartons of Dunhills outside the boarding school compound) but the habit did not stop there. I became a chain smoker during my varsity years and started to embrace the habit as my destiny. The nicotine took control of my temporal lobe, sending the message to my body to crave for the cigarette all the time. Cigarette smoking was my prominent way to enjoy life. One day in August 2010, I was introduced to electronic cigarette by Nelson Eugene, a friend of mine. After being sceptical for about a month, finally I tried the product. I believed the product was good to cut short the craving for cigarette but then 'good' was not good enough. I needed something better than 'good' that could kick the conventional cigarette out of my life. Together with Badrul Hisham, and Affizan Alamin, the four of us started our quest for the ultimate design of personal vaporizer. After trying a brand after another finally we came across a model that manage to satisfy our throat and capable of producing thick plumes of vapors that match the smoke of a cigarette. We imported the parts, assemble it here in Malaysia, and we name it TRibe. My future writing will focus on TRibe and how it has affected us after we chose to use and stick to it and make it a trading brand... Choose life, choose your TRibe.

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