Friday, February 18, 2011

Inner Side

I remembered things you said 
inside my head and in my lungs,
I remembered love we made,
every single puff I took buried in the ashtray,
I remembered things I heard, 
every single word was frozen in the air of smoke,
You know how a death man I become, 
I rose and suffocated with hatred,
I remembered it like it was yesterday, 
couldn't forget it no matter what you said,
If you didn’t think about it, 
will it go away……Unless you fuck with my head,
I couldn’t breathe without you………….It’s what I like most,
And then you crept in the crave,
 I let myself down by letting you in,
Was so tired…..of playing, 
playing with this carcinogens, ashes and fumes.
Going to give my breathe away leave it to the other poisons to play, 
for being dangerous was too long,
Give me a reason to love you; 
I just so wanna be intoxicated

From this time unchain 
looking out at a different picture through this frame of mine, 
a zillion smoke could vape.
Refuse to surrender, Move over and give us some room.
Just take a little look to the inner side when you can.

Eugene, somewhere in time..


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